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School / Rentals: Kitesurf / Windsurf / Stand up paddle / Foil – Guarding

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For rentals and activities supervised by the school.

The customer subscribes to the compulsory FFVoile insurance offered by the organization Civil Liability Insurance and Individual Accident Insurance. = 11 €The customer provides a personnal Civil lIability Insurance certificate mentioning that the learning and the practice of the sport is insured.Adults without Civil Liability Insurance must be able to swim and dive 50meters minimum and be in good health to practice this sport.The customer must declare any health problem or medical treatment.The customer provides a medical certificate (3 months old maximum) that guarantee a good health to practice the sport.


I guarantee that my child is able to go in the water and swim 25 meters without stopping (if under 16) or to dive and swim 50 meters (if over 16) and that he/she is in good health to practice the sport. [sport in question].

I, the undersigned : MisterMrs
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FatherMotherLegal Tutor
Allowed : to practice kitesurfwindsurfSUP


  • The customer must respect sailing zones and safety rules (by sailing on spots where it’s not against the law),
  • The customer declares that the equipment he/she got is in good working order
  • The customer acknowledges that he is informed of the sailing zones and rental contract (see information on the spot),
  • The customer guarantees that he/she is able to sail according to the conditions written above.
  • I have read and understood the contrat:

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